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2021-07-22 The Working Procedure for human rights protection in the context of COVID-19 pandemic - 2021 Icon Download
2021-07-22 कोभिड–१९ महामारीको सन्दर्भमा मानव अधिकार संरक्षण कार्यविधि, २०७८ Icon Download
2020-12-18 National Human Rights Institutions Joint Statement On International Migrant Day Icon Download
2020-05-24 कोभिड–१९ बाट उत्पन्न वर्तमान परिस्थितिमा मानव अधिकारको सम्मान र संरक्षणको लागि राष्ट्रिय मान� Icon Download
2020-04-21 कोभिड–१९ को सन्दर्भमा मानव अधिकार अवस्था अनुगमन नेटवर्कको कार्यविधि Icon Download
2020-04-21 The Human Rights Situation Monitoring Network regarding the COVID-19 Working Procedure- 2020 Icon Download
2020-04-21 With regard to the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic (Human Rights Situation Monitoring Check list) Icon Download
2020-04-21 विश्वव्यापी कोभिड– १९ महामारी मानव अधिकार अवस्था अनुगमन रुजु सूची (Check List) Icon Download
2020-03-22 Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights in Nepali Context Icon Download
2020-03-10 APF Guide to Strategic Planning Tools Icon Download
2020-03-10 APF Guide to Strategic Planning Icon Download
2020-01-08 National Human Rights Commission,Nepal on Protection of Rights of the Migrant Workers Icon Download
2019-12-17 Kathmandu Declaration 2019, Outcome Document of International Conference on Protection of Rights of the Migrant Workers Icon Download
2019-12-17 MOU between the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal and the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) 2076-7-28 Icon Download
2019-08-01 विस्वव्यापी आवधिक समीक्षा, श्रावण २०७६ Icon Download
2019-05-30 Reinforcing Peasants' Rights: NHRCN Recommendations Icon Download
2019-03-05 Presentation on Monitoring of HR in Electoral Context by Hon.Chairperson, NHRC Nepal 5 March2019 Icon Download
2019-03-03 Migrant Workers' Rights and NHRC Nepal's Initiative (Brochure), 2075 Icon Download
2019-02-27 NHRC Nepal's Recommendations on Rights to Environment (Brochure), 2075 Icon Download
2019-02-27 The Rights of the Persons with Disability (Brochure), 2075 Icon Download
2019-01-30 NHRC Brochure Icon Download
2018-04-09 International Conference on on Identifying Challenges, Assessing Progress, Moving forward: Addressing Impunity and Realizing Human Rights in South Asia Booklet Icon Download
2017-04-28 निर्वाचन र मानव अधिकार, सङ्क्षिप्त जानकारी Icon Download
2016-12-10 राष्ट्रिय मानव अधिकार आयोगः एक परिचय (ब्रोसर) Brochure Icon Download
2012-06-13 Brochure on Corporal Punishment to the Child Nepali Icon Download
2008-04-02 संविधानसभा र मानव अधिकार (ब्रोसर) Brochure Icon Download